Get a Foreign PayPal Account To Accept Money Worldwide. Get Paid via PayPal On Your Website Or ECommerce Store (eBay, Shopify)

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In this article, we will talk about how to open a fully verified PayPal account and our PayPal service

As you know, some countries can only send money through a PayPal accountUnfortunately, these countries cannot accept money via PayPal. Many of you are well aware of the importance of a PayPal account that accepts money. For example, most e-commerce sites like eBay accept money with PayPal. That is, if you want to sell on sites like eBay, you must have a PayPal account that accepts money to withdraw money from customers.

We offer a full verified PayPal account opening as a service for you. Let’s get to know our PayPal service now


A valid full approved PayPal account in your name and a bank account and ATM card to withdraw money!

We verify your PayPal account, which is important for you to trade with foreign customers more easily.

Fast, Secure, and Fully Approved PayPal Service 

Opening a PayPal account registered under your name from important countries of the world. Security and Speed ​​are our priorities.

PayPal Payments

PayPal account, payment and shopping transactions in the fastest way will be implemented. 

PayPal API Integration To Your Website

This way, you can easily receive payments with PayPal by entering the PayPal API code into your website. 

PayPal for e-commerce

You can do e-commerce and shop with PayPal, you can easily send and receive money.


Open a Fully Verified PayPal Account

You can do many things, especially e-commerce, with a foreign PayPal account that accepts money. For example, you can open a seller account on eBay, Etsy, or Shopify, add your products and sell them to the world.  You can work with Affiliate Marketing sites that pay with PayPal. You can also easily receive money from abroad. If you have a website, you can add your PayPal account to your site as an online payment method. And many more examples like this can be shown. As you can see, you can do many things with a verified PayPal account.

To do this,   you must have a PayPal account that accepts money. To have it, you need to open an external PayPal account. However, there are many procedures for opening an external registered PayPal account. For this reason, it is difficult for many people to open a fully validated, external PayPal account. At the same time, it is a waste of time to do long research. 

But you don’t have to worry. Because we will do these procedures for you. We will help you with account opening, from numbers and addresses to bank accounts with PayPal. We will also give you tips on how to use your account properly.

The cost of our service is $ 250 . You can open an external PayPal account that accepts money using our service. We also perform the procedures listed above for this price. In addition, this price includes support for opening a foreign bank account. 


Frequently Asked Questions about NM Digital Team’s PayPal Service

In whose name will the PayPal account be opened?

Of course, PayPal accounts will be opened in your name and all entries will belong to you.

From which region will the PayPal account be opened?

Your PayPal accounts will be opened from the most secure places based on our experience. 

Your PayPal balance, and bank account, can I transfer?

As your PayPal account is opened in your name, you can transfer it to our bank account without any problems and quickly.

Can there be any problems during the PayPal account verification phase?

Thus, your PayPal account will be handed over to you in a fully approved form. We will tell you the rules you must follow. You can easily use your PayPal account as long as you follow the rules.

Do you need any documents to open a PayPal account?

No. You do not need any documents to open a PayPal account. All you have to do is send us your name, surname, date of birth, and a newly opened e-mail address.

NOTE: In some cases, PayPal may require documents such as a driver’s license, ID card, and passport to verify your identity.

How long does our PayPal account last?

In 5-7 working days.

Do you need any documents to open a foreign bank account?

Yes. You may need an ID card, driver’s license, or passport. Procedures vary by bank.

What Can I Do With An Full Approved PayPal Account?

  • You can get payment from anywhere.
  • You can pay wherever you want.
  • You can easily withdraw your money.
  • You can do e-commerce and shopping.
  • You can sell your products on sites like eBay, Etsy, Shopify, etc. 

ATTENTION: Rules to be followed

Your account will be handed over to you in a fully validated form. You will be notified of the rules you must follow. So, you can easily use your PayPal account as long as you follow the rules.

In the end, the laws that must be followed when opening a PayPal account will be disclosed to the user. We will not accept any liability for restrictions on users’ accounts that do not comply with these laws.

Users of the service are considered to have read and confirmed this text

To get more information, you can write to us via WhatsApp: +1 856 390 3535 and on the lower left-hand side or on our website WhatsApp logo by clicking can write to us. 


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