How To Make Money With AliExpress? Earn Money As You Spend On AliExpress

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How to make money on AliExpress? This question, which most confuses the average user, is a dead end, because it is a sales service, almost an online hypermarket.

But as you can see, not only can you get the right thing from the source at a very low price, but you can also make good money by selling . We offer you to get acquainted with the most effective ways to make money on AliExpress .

We must warn you that many methods of earning require their investment, because we will describe the ways that allow you to earn a basic and normal amount of income, rather than earning extra income. Therefore, after reading the material, we recommend that you determine how much you want to risk and how much you will invest in order to obtain a passive source of income in the future.

What is AliExpress?

Chinese goods are now more popular than ever, and although the quality is practically not inferior to branded goods (which are mainly produced there), they are popular not only in post-Soviet countries, but also in the developed West, because their prices are several times lower.

In the service you can buy almost everything – from “invisible” hair to heavy equipment. The wide range of goods has led to the emergence and constant expansion of a large number of consumers who shop here.

Buying goods here is quite simple:

  • Sign up.
  • Select the required products and add them to the cart .
  • Buy and get an invoice stating that the goods have been shipped.
  • Wait up to two months.
  • Take over and complete the goods.

The advantage of the site is that it is known to a large number of people, it does not need to be advertised and promoted. To learn how to make money on AliExpress, we only include this advantage in our arsenal.

Make money on sales affiliate programs

This is the most popular way to make money on AliExpress.

  • To make a profit you need:
  • Get a referral link.
  • Its distribution.

Earn a bonus for each purchase made by clicking on the link.

Choose a Sales Partnership Program

Finding a sales affiliate program on the Internet for this service is quite simple. However, despite the seemingly successful offers, we recommend that you only use the sales affiliate programs of the official partners of AliExpress:

  • ePN
  • Admitad

Both the first and second sales affiliate programs offer unique offers for webmasters , so it’s worth looking at each of these programs in more detail.

How to make money on Aliexpress using ePN affiliate program

The main advantage of the service is that it has a large number of features and a very convenient interface. A big plus for the user is the availability of effective ePN statistics.

At the end of 2019, the sales affiliate program was mostly used for AliExpress. Using it, you can get up to 0.8% of goods in branded stores and up to 70% of purchases in the “Hot Sale” category. The average webmaster’s bid is about 5.5% of the sales on their link. The size of the bid (price offer) can increase as sales increase through the sales partnership link. In addition, you can earn 5% of the profit earned by referral.

How to Make Money on AliExpress with Admitad

The service had previously differentiated tariffs for GEO, but in 2018 this difference was abolished. Webmasters who now use Admitad to make a profit account for 2.3% of electronics and accessories sales and 6.9% of home and clothing sales through links. The average interest rate is 5.4%.

If we compare Admitad with the previous service, the rates here are a bit lower. However, the platform has a simple interface that is accessible even to a first grader. In addition, according to referrals, each involved web master can bring an additional 5% of earnings.

How to choose a place to place a link

To understand how to make money with AliExpress, you need to choose a platform to place links with impressive traffic. How can this be done?

  • Groups on social networks. Such masses are full of advertisements for popular products on AliExpress . This is where you can add a referral link to purchase. The most profitable is to create a narrow target audience to attract a certain target group.
  • Web resource. It is possible to create a site to publish original offers from AliExpress. Of course, such traffic can not be expected from a community on a social network, but it can be used as an additional source of income .
  • Applications. Today, the use of cheap but normal software from online stores is very popular. You can add a sales affiliate link to such programs using products that users can purchase .

For many, a sales affiliate program is a way to make money on AliExpress without initial capital , but such an approach will only be relevant if you are the manager of an advanced group or the owner of a popular application / site. In all other cases, it is not possible for a person to identify his or her source without using his or her own money.

If you plan to make a profit from “0” in this way (by creating a web resource and introducing it), then be prepared to invest about $ 1,000 for the initial promotion.

Create a sales partnership link

Getting a sales affiliate link is very simple, but some webmasters are often stuck. Therefore, consider the main points of the process. For example, let’s focus on creating a sales affiliate program through ePN.

  • Log in to the platform and register.
  • Go to “My Sites” in your account and click “Add” .
  • We enter the information of the opened form with the source link, specify the source and type of offer (AliExpress) . Click Add Site and go to Tools. Then follow the instructions.

This scheme can be repeated many times, you can place tens of thousands of links and increase your chances of making a profit.

We resell goods

The main advantage of AliExpress is the low price of lots. The price is so low that business people who can make money on AliExpress use this service as a shopping base. They take the product from here and sell it with a triple profit. You can start with a small assortment of goods and increase them over time. In this case, there is no need to attract a large start-up investment, and it is easier to monitor the liquidity of certain lots.

There are two very effective ways to apply them: We buy
certain goods and store them in a warehouse.

This is a standard saving method. The essence is to buy a bunch of products, deliver them and sell them in a physical or web store. Working on such a scheme involves the selection of goods based on the following.

  • Prices. Very expensive goods can be stored on a shelf, which will lead to the loss and lack of money to buy a new set. Those who are very cheap will not be able to make a good profit. Therefore, we choose the average price category.
  • Popularity. We recommend buying products with high liquidity. For example, buying a spinner a few years ago brought huge profits to businessmen, who sold it quickly with a profit of 400-800% . In this case, the main thing is to stop in time, seeing the decline in demand.
  • Weight. Heavy goods can get stuck at the border. We recommend that you order a large number of light goods so that they can cross the border quickly.
  • Delivery. Delivery costs can completely offset the low cost of goods. Don’t worry and find a product shipped for free. Wait for the deposits to balance them.

Such a resale system promises excellent returns, but there is still a risk of losing deposits. The product may not be purchased or may be stuck at the border and delayed, so the investment may not work. To avoid this, we recommend that you consider all possible risks before purchasing.

The advantage of such a scheme to make money on AliExpress is that the buyer does not have to wait for delivery. Therefore, the reputation of the businessman and interest in the online or physical store is growing.


This scheme of making money on AliExpress has become very popular in recent years, because you do not have to spend money to rent warehouses, and you only need to buy the goods ordered by the buyer. As a result, the goods will not lie on the shelves, which means you will never be harmed.

Periodic algorithm:

  • The buyer orders a specific product.
  • Businessman orders the required amount of product from person A.
  • The received link is transmitted to the customer with the pre-installation of an additional margin .
  • The disadvantages of the scheme are:
    Delivery time – up to 2 months, which is not suitable for most customers, and therefore you can lose money.
  • Sometimes unscrupulous sellers place goods from person B, who can delay delivery or not ship at all. Of course, you will get your money back in time, but you will lose your customer and trust.

Buy with Cashback

Another way to make money on AliExpress is to make a refund on specialized sites. Today, this method represents a new direction in e-commerce. Using a non-refundable fee, you can get a few percent refund of the purchase price. The most popular services for this:

  • LetyShops – up to 6.5%;
  • Cash4Brands – up to 7%;
  • Rakuten – 2.75%;
  • ExtraBux – up to 7%;
  • MegaBonus – up to 4.91%.

This kind of profit is reminiscent of a sales partnership program. The webmaster places a link on their website and attracts users. Each repayment brings a certain profit.

Sales partnership repayment services

You do not need to convince the user to follow the link, because getting a refund is a nice bonus for the purchase.

The webmaster receives a bonus for each purchase made by a registered user. For a while, the user will have a good customer base, which will be the real answer to the question of how to make money on AliExpress, and will have a regular, steady income.

The disadvantage is that it takes time to make a good income, because the profitability depends on the number of registered customers.

Write reviews

Another way to make money on AliExpress is to get paid reviews about the seller or his product on AliExpress. The level of earnings is minimal, as they pay 20 rubles for a review and about 0.2 rubles for a page view.

The cost of the work depends on the number of reviews and the specific users involved.

To maximize profits, you need to look for a popular product that the buyer is interested in.

The most popular site is Otzovik. You need to register to start earning money, after which you can share your thoughts about the goods.

Intermediary services

To buy a lot of goods on AliExpress, you need to control the selection of the seller, study the reviews, choose the price and check the delivery.

Business people often do not have time to perform all these operations, so it is easier for them to find an intermediary who will carry out the purchase and delivery of a particular product.

In most cases, the intermediary receives from 5% to 10% of the purchase price .

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