I Want To Make Money On The Internet. Halal Ways To Make Money Online. Earning Extra Income

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Your brain power, pen, taste and abilities can make money. You can rent or sell these qualities in the following ways.

1. BIONLUK & FIVERR – Buy your service or monetize your abilities

You can sell your skills online as a service. What can these services be? What you can sell is limited only by how creative you are. Do you write good text? Write text on the order. You know Photoshop, design a logo, speak a foreign language, translate, and earn money by providing legal advice if you are a lawyer . Even if you’re not sure about anything, there are many things you can sell: The service you sell can be as simple as going somewhere and saying the slogan the customer wants and filming. You set the price of the service you will provide. Since Fiverr.com is a website that serves the whole world, earnings can be more attractive, but you need to know English. Bionluk.com is the Turkish version. As you can see You can make money online with Fiverr and Bionluk.

Fiverr Registration

Bionluk Registration

2. TWENTIFY – Be the eyes and ears of companies

This is the cleanest, because you don’t have to wait for someone to ask for your job posting, you’re just interested in the job. Therefore, at the end of the day, what is in your pocket is under your control. The first, unlike the others, is the Twentify phone app. Let’s explain how this works with an example: For example, a GSM company enters a campaign and wants a poster about it to be hung on the glass above the door in all branches of the country. It costs a lot to agree with a company and check that it is done correctly.  Sending an inspection team to each department in each province is a big operation. Instead, they trust you. Go to one of the branches in the ads that are expected of you and meet the service you need. These can be things like secret customer, store control, customer collection. You will see such simple job postings without application. As you can see, you can make money with Twentify .

3. GETTY IMAGES , ISTOCK , FOAP , SHUTTER STOCK – Put your pictures and videos to make money

You can make money by selling the right to use photos and videos you take on websites. You know, these are considered “intellectual property” and the owners of publishing houses and advertising companies have to pay to use them. If you sell a 5-second video, you can earn between $ 30 and $ 150 . The same product always stays there and can be sold over and over again. As the content accumulates, it kind of means that you have a lot of homes, and it’s as if you’ve rented them out. “My life is not very photogenic or interesting, what should I shoot?” don’t think so. Flowing water, opening the curtain, brewing teaSimple topics such as There is an obstacle here: there are certain resolution criteria set by the sites for photos, home videos; so you need to shoot with a very good device.

4 . VOICE BUNNY , VOICES – Buy your voice or artwork

Those who have good voices in cartoons, games, movies, etc. can sell their voices for dubbing. You too can make money online this way . Sometimes a company takes all the rights to your voice or photo or video, and there are times when you can earn serious figures. There are those who have built their entire careers on it and made big money in dollars. You can find out how much money it makes by researching on the internet.

5. Writing Articles in Magazines and Newspapers

If you have a good pen, you can write articles for magazines and corporate websites on the topics you specialize in. But if you are not one of the famous in this regard, do not expect large sums. Having beautiful pictures that match your writing can double your budget.

6. UDEMY – Take an online course on a topic you know well

If you have a topic that you know very well, you can turn them into online lessons and earn money from the participants. This can range from sewing topics to university preparation courses, language training, and homework support. Udemy is a world leader in this field, and we are pleased to say that its founders are even a few young people. Doing your lessons in English will open up a lot for you, as it will allow you to get out of the pool of Azerbaijan and open up to the world at once.

7. WORDPRESS – You don’t need to be a programmer to design a website

WordPress has taken a new place in website building. It’s not about writing code anymore, it’s about putting together pre-written code packages. So you can think like Ikea: Just as you don’t have to be a carpenter to assemble furniture, everything is cut out of the package, and if you just have to assemble, WordPress has a similar logic . There are many modular tulles and you can combine them to create a website.

Again, sometimes it requires understanding of coding, but you can also solve it while using it or with a Google search. To meet expectations correctly: You can’t create difficult and confusing advertising sites, but the needs of many businesses do not require such technical infrastructure. From photographers to restaurants, you can create simpler, static websites that many businesses want. After getting used to a little work, you can also sign up for complex jobs that can accommodate ordering systems.

8. PREPARE QUESTIONS FOR COMPETITIONS – Your knowledge also makes money

Put what you learn while traveling to earn money. Thus, they are both engraved in your mind and contribute to the budget. For example; You went to Cambodia and saw Angkor Wat. You can ask the quiz the following question:
Which of the following is the largest temple in the world where Tom Raider is also depicted?
a) Machu Picchu b) Taj Mahal c) Angkor Wat d) Parteon In
order to earn money, your question must be selected for the contest. As far as we know, a millionaire pays $ 4 per question.

9. AIRBNB EXPERIENCES – Guide people or give them an experience


AirBnB is a website that allows people to rent a house or a room in their home to tourists. He recently made a breakthrough from renting a house to serving. Now you can list the services you think you can sell to tourists there. For example; You can organize cycling trips to the neighborhood markets or excursions to places such as the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum. You also learned how to make money with AirBNB.

10. WRITE A BOOK – We do not intend to prepare literature

You can write a novel, write a book on how to do it, or sell books on personal development, and sell them again in the digital environment . There is no need to print, digital books are also sold. However, if you are not a famous person or do not do a presentation for your book, it will be very difficult to sell if you write a novel. Instead, books written to satisfy people’s need for information would make more sense. For example, when someone writes “winter garden”, they may come across your gardening book, even if they do not know you at all. Again, like everything else, writing in English speeds up your chances of success, because all of a sudden you leave your country and open up to the world market. Amazon.com is the most powerful sales platform.Click here to write an e-book!

11. ETSY , EBAY , INSTAGRAM – Buy your handicrafts or imported things


Etsy and Ebay can be your door to the world. In both cases, individuals load the items they want to sell and wait for customers to leave. We assume you already know Ebay, so we’ll explain Etsy directly. Etsy is a design / local product / craft sales platform that we love to shop for handicrafts . For example, an Indian jewelry designer demonstrates his products here, and he orders and pays on this platform, as he does on eBay. Learn how to make a living by selling your products on Etsy, eBay and Instagram .

12. MODERATE- There is a need for a comment in the forums

You need to make sure that the content shared on someone’s forums is in accordance with ethical and legal rules, and websites pay you to monitor it.

13. Online Broadcasting – Manage your own website

You can build a website on a niche topic you know. We mentioned above about the ease of creating a website using WordPress. You may be focusing on an important issue, such as makeup or football. For example, it is not a bad idea to write recipes, make-up and language patterns at the same time. But it takes a lot of effort and time to build a website, and it takes a lot of time to make money. The most important revenue gateway for websites is the advertising space provided by Google. If you want to make money, you must have a website that clicks 1 million times a month.But reaching 1 million clicks means years of work and investment. In addition, the cost of the website, such as hosting, domain, some tulle. Or you can try to get your own ads on your website. They are more profitable, but you have to find a customer, convince them, watch, and so on. It’s hard…

14. YOUTUBE – Be the director of your own channel

How much do you think 1 million views on YouTube makes? Unfortunately, not a single 4-digit advertising revenue per 1 million views in Azerbaijan. The real question is, what do we need to do to reach a serious figure like 1 million views. Because growing up on YouTube is as difficult as growing a website. If you look at YouTube as a business idea, your goal should be to post more watched videos . Thus, the first goal is quantity, not quality. For example, playlists of stupid arguments or videos of animals are watched without much attention. We do not know how they evade copyright.

If you want to completely get rid of copyright concerns, think of a topic where you can easily shoot and edit relevant videos at home. For example, food video or handicrafts, knitting, etc. The videos are very easy to make and very watched, they are also very competitive. Enlarging a channel is not easy. Ads are generally not trusted. The best strategy is to go down this path with brand collaboration.

Dear readers, in this article you have learned 14 ways to earn extra income from the Internet . We hope it will be useful for you. Thanks for reading!

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