Making Sense of Hiring Sales and Marketing Candidates

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In modern commerce, sales departments are easily responsible for more revenue than any other departments or business functions. As such, you should treat hiring sales and marketing professionals as more important than hiring any other candidates — period!

What Should You Look for in Sales and Marketing Candidates?

Sales and marketing are essential business functions that form the foundation of every business. 

Solid communication skills will always be crucial for success in marketing. Trust your gut when interviewing candidates — you’ll know which ones have the drive to succeed. Startup experience is another characteristic you should never overlook. This experience proves that they were able to hold their own in a highly competitive business setting, meaning they can likely bring value to your business, too. 

Freelancers vs. Full-Time Workers

Whether hiring for an entry-level sales position or an executive marketing role, businesses spend substantially more resources on full-time workers than freelancers. One estimate suggests that full-time employees can cost up to 40% more than their freelancing counterparts.

Onboarding is one of many examples of hiring-related expenses you’ll incur when bringing new employees on board. The process makes new employees feel like valued team members, boosts their early-stage productivity by as much as 50%, and increases their likelihood of staying at a company for at least three years by 58%. As you can see, onboarding is a non-negotiable, not to mention being quite expensive — the many other costs associated with hiring full-time employees, such as nonfinancial compensation (benefits), training, and recruiting, also offer similar company-wide benefits though they’re certainly not free; research shows that U.S. businesses spend an average of $4,129 for every full-time worker they hire. Another source indicates that employers need an average of six months just to break even on employee-hiring expenses. 

In addition to being cheaper, freelancers come with several other benefits. For one, independent contractors often work remotely, saving valuable office space and reducing your office’s overhead costs. Independent contractors come with less risk than their employed counterparts — freelancers can’t file for unemployment insurance or workers’ compensation. 

Look Into Off-the-Shelf Services

Hiring freelancers isn’t the only way to fill your company’s need for reliable, professional-quality services, however. You can find off-the-shelf services from third-party providers such as NM Digital Team. The main benefits of opting for such turnkey solutions over freelancers are saving time and money. One common example of off-the-shelf services is hiring a third-party bookkeeping provider to file your company’s taxes.

Founding a small business in the form of an LLC can bring several benefits, as well, including favorable tax arrangements and limited liability for debts. However, each state has a slightly different process for setting up an LLC, so make sure you do your research. Zenbusiness, a formation company, can be helpful here. 

Hiring Sales and Marketing Professionals Can Be a Headache

Tons of research and decision-making goes into hiring sales and marketing professionals, arguably more so than for any other positions — after all, sales and marketing make up the backbone of many businesses.

You can’t go wrong by seeking sales and marketing help from NM Digital Team. Reach out here.


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