What is the Simplest Way To Purchase UPC/EAN Codes For Amazon?

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You might be interested in becoming an online seller on Amazon. One of the requirements for selling on Amazon is to have a unique product identifier, such as a UPC (Universal Product Code) or EAN (European Article Number) code. These codes aid Amazon in inventory and sales tracking and are used to identify products on the global market.

If your products don’t already have a UPC or EAN code, you may be wondering where you can get one. There are several options, but it’s critical to choose a trustworthy source to ensure that your codes are genuine and will be accepted by Amazon.

Option 1: Purchase straight from GS1

GS1 is the international agency in charge of overseeing UPC and EAN codes. Although they are the most expensive, they are also the most reliable source for codes. Up to $250 can be spent on a single GS1 UPC code, and membership must be renewed on an annual basis. If you want to sell your goods on various marketplaces, GS1 codes are a great option because they are ensured to be genuine and unique.

Option 2: Purchase from a reseller

Many resellers offer lower-cost UPC and EAN codes than GS1. However, be cautious when purchasing from a reseller because some may sell invalid or duplicate codes. Do your research and choose a reputable reseller with a track record of providing genuine codes.

We recommend the “BuyReliableBarcodes” website for purchasing GS1 verified codes that work flawlessly on Amazon. A single UPC/EAN code costs $4 on this website, and there are no renewal or annual fees. You can buy with confidence from BuyReliableBarcodes if you select this option. Check out the pricing for barcodes HERE.

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Option 3: Use Amazon’s barcode service.

For sellers who do not have a UPC or EAN code, Amazon offers a barcode service. Amazon Barcode is a service that allows you to purchase a code for $30 per barcode. However, this service has some limitations. Amazon Barcode codes are only valid on Amazon and cannot be used on any other marketplace. Additionally, Amazon Barcode codes cannot be used for products requiring a GS1 prefix, such as books, music, and DVDs.

Keep in mind that Amazon has strict barcode quality guidelines when purchasing UPC or EAN codes. Your barcode must be scannable and meet Amazon’s minimum size requirements. If your barcode is incorrect, Amazon may delay or even reject your product.


if you intend to sell on sites such as Amazon, eBay, and others, (option 2) barcode services (reseller) may be a good option. If you do not want them for Amazon and plan to work just like larger companies (imports, exports, and international projects), GS1 is the best option. Check that you’re using a legitimate source and that your barcodes work with Amazon’s features.



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