What is PayPal? What PayPal Used For? Signing Up To PayPal

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If you are interested in what PayPal is and how it is used, you will find all the answers in our article. Learn more about PayPal, one of the largest payment systems.

What is PayPal? What is PayPal used for?

PayPal is a type of online banking system that allows you to make secure online purchases without using a credit card or send money to anyone you want with just one email address. Everything you need to know about this system, from registration to sending and receiving money.

How does the system work?

With PayPal, you can make or receive payments in many currencies such as US Dollars and Yen. PayPal automatically exchanges between these currencies, so you don’t have to deal with details like parity. Of course, there are certain interruptions for these operations.

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PayPal membership transactions

After logging in to PayPal, clickthe Sign Up buttonon the top left. On the first page that opens, you must first specify the type of your account. Although these account typesare divided into Personal and Business , the Personal Account typecan be made Premium later.

The personal account type is designed for personal use, can be used to purchase the product over the Internet, and does so using e-mail addresses. If you also want to withdraw money by e-mail or credit card, then you need to switch to Premium Account . If you want to use PayPal for all your business transactions, then you need to choose Business .

Initially, you select the Personal account type and your country name from the list next to it. Then click Continue to move to the next page.

On this screen you fill in the first and last name address information, enter your email address and a password for PayPal. Then you select two secret questions that will be useful in cases such as password loss and write the answers. You answer Yes and No to the question that determines whether you want your account to be Premium or not . If you answer “Yes” to this option , then if the transfer is still free, there will be some deductions when you receive the money. You can learn more about them by clicking the Learn More button. Then, PayPal selects Yes to confirm the user agreement and then Yes to the question of whether the agreement is understood.you answer. Then go to the next step by pressing the Sign Up button.

On this page you enter the credit card information required to send money via PayPal. If you want, you can postpone this process by clicking the Cancel button. After completing these processes, you can activate your account by clicking on the link to your email address. After this period, you will become a member of PayPal .

You can confirm your information by clicking on the link to your e-mail account.

General PayPal usage

As you will see after the activation period, you can access your account information in the My Account section. Let’s examine these sections one by one.


You can get an overview of your account in this section. So, if you haven’t added a credit card to your account, you can add a credit card by tapping the Add Credit Card button on the left side of the screen . You can expand your account by clicking the Upgrade Account link on the left side of the screen .

Add funds

Designed primarily for users with a bank account in the United States. It is possible to add money to your PayPal account through your bank account without using a credit card. If your country does not accept PayPal payments, you cannot use this part. However, if you have added a credit card, you can transfer money to other accounts, even if you do not have money in your PayPal account. The amount you send will be automatically deducted from your credit card.

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Similarly, if you have an account with a US bank, you can transfer money from your PayPal account to that account from this section.


In this section, which should be considered a history or past section, you can see all the transactions you have made through PayPal in the past.

Resolution Center

The problem solving area is mainly used in cases where a product purchased using PayPal accounts is problematic or a paid service is not available. You can make a claim for a purchase you made using PayPal by clicking the File a Claim button .


In this section, you can make all the major adjustments to your PayPal account. The profile section is divided into 3 categories: Account Information , Financial Information , Selling Preferences . You can enter credit card information and account information by clicking on the Credit Cards button.

Sending money

As you will see after clicking on the money transfer section and entering the money transfer section, you can access two subsections: Pay Anyone and  Pay For eBay Items.

Pay Anyone

First, enter the recipient’s email address in the Recipient’s Email section. Enter the amount you want to send in the Amount section below . In the Currency section ($, €) you specify the currency to send.

If at the time of registration you send money to a currency other than the one you set, you must remember that any commission will be charged for this transaction. In the Type section, write the reason for sending money. The Subject and Note sections are used in the data mail to be sent to the recipient. Therefore, it is not mandatory to fill.

Pay For Items

This section is especially used by users shopping on eBay. If you do not have such an idea, you can leave this section blank.

Don’t ask for money

You can request money on PayPal in two ways:

Create a money request

On this screen, you can ask the person who will write your e-mail for money. It is prepared in a simple way and you will not have difficulty filling in the relevant sections.

Create an invoice

The invoice section is a slightly more advanced version of money demand. With New Invoice , you can write down the amount you require and their details on the new invoice you create.

Merchant tools

This is a section that can be useful for people who use PayPal a lot for cash receipts. By creating buttons in this section, you can place them on your website and create conditions for your visitors to pay. Ready-made buttons can be found here or you can use the buttons you want or install.

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We hope that our article on what PayPal is and how it is used has been useful for you. Thank you for reading our article!

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