What Is Remarketing? Increase Your Business By Attracting More Customers With Remarketing

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Increase Leads and Sales with Re-Targeted Advertising from Best Remarketing Agency

On average, only 2% of visitors to your website will become a solid leader. Don’t give up the other 98% – send them hyper-targeted ads and e-mail campaigns through remarketing services.

Interested in a remarketing campaign for your small business? It is common for an online user to visit more than one website before choosing one. Investing in remarketing and retargeting is a way to bring back potential customers and turn them into leaders.

Although there are various remarketing platforms you can invest in, we offer and provide remarketing services on Google Video Advertising Network and LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks . Learn more about retargeting and remarketing services and how they can help you grow your small business in the article below.

What is remarketing with re-targeted ads?

When you upload your remarketing tags ( tags ) to your website (at the beginning of your re-targeted campaign), these tags will activate and register when someone logs into your website. If they leave your website without conversion and become a “lost customer” , ads on your retargeting platform (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) will target users by placing those sites among the best website ads. This ad can bring back visitors to your site and then encourage them to convert or complete a purchase.


The main difference between remarketing and retargeting is the strategy used to reach potential lost customers.

Remarketing is usually to display display ads to people who visit your website through information collected through cookies. Retargeting involves sending an e-mail campaign to consumers who collect information through web forms, social media lid campaigns and webinar registration.

Types of remarketing

Video Remarketing (Google Ads): Your ads are displayed as video ads at the beginning of videos on YouTube and other Google display partners to people who have previously visited your site.

Search remarketing (Google Ads): When someone who visits your site searches for certain words or services, your ads appear at the top of search engine results.

Display remarketing (Google Ads): Your ads are displayed as display ads on other websites within the Google visual advertising network.

Dynamic remarketing (Google Ads): Increase your results with dynamic remarketing that takes remarketing to the next level with ads that cover the products or services that people are looking at on your website or application.

Social media remarketing: You can use LinkedIn remarketing, Facebook remarketing and Pinterest remarketing to advertise to people who visit your website, social media channels and partner sites.

Customer list remarketing: With both social media marketing and Google Ads remarketing, you can download a list of contact information provided to you by your customers. When these people access their accounts on Google or a particular social media site, you can show them ads on various websites or on this social platform.

Why Use Remarketing Services?

The more visitors to your site, the more your re-targeting list will grow and you will continue to increase brand awareness and push customers down the sales ladder.

Retargeting marketing ads are very effective and affordable to bring interested customers back to your site, and is one of the ways to earn the highest advertising revenue (ROAS – Return on Ad Spend) through online advertising.

For example, if you are a restructuring company. A customer in your service area visits your website and looks at your kitchen remodeling page. This is a big investment for their home, so they are not ready to consult yet, but when they are ready, they will do research to check the existing reconstruction companies in their area.

For this small business, our team is able to reach customers as an example above by conducting a remarketing campaign and visiting other websites online. Our remarketing campaign will keep this business in people’s minds. It will encourage the potential customer to come back, revisit the website, gallery and contract of this restructuring company, as well as revisit the sources that help bring in more leads (potential customers).

8 tips to make remarketing work

Here are some basic tips for using remarketing:

Segment your remarketing lists: Distinguish different pages when installing your remarketing tag (tag). For example, for a more personal experience, separate people who have visited the “air conditioner repair” and “stove repair” pages.

Remarketing ads to adjust strategy: Remarketing strategy to the creative strategy is also important. Make sure your ads are relevant to the audience you want to reach, have the same look and feel as your site, and have an effective CTA.

Split-test images: You can be surprised by the images that your target audience likes the most. Initially, run split tests until you see a different pattern in your audience’s behavior.

Track and tag everything: To continuously optimize your campaigns, you need to see what works, what doesn’t, and what can be improved. You will do this with advanced labeling and analytics.

Try different advertising platforms, sizes and formats: Create different types of ads in more than one size and placement for your remarketing campaign to reach as many customers as possible on the Internet. Then check which formats, platforms, and sizes work best for your campaign.

Sell ​​more to existing customers: Your existing customers are your most loyal customers and are the most likely to buy other products and services from you. Create a list of existing customers and use this list to sell new products or advertise discounts.

Plan your ads at the time when your target audience is most likely to see them: Not all hours of the day are the same. While Baby Boomers are most active in the morning, Generation Z may not be online for ads until the afternoon.

Invest your advertising money in results-based platforms and websites: If you spend a large percentage of your budget on one or two websites or platforms, but don’t get enough conversions to justify the investment, stop. Hence the importance of testing different platforms and websites. Yes, remarketing works, but if you target the right people at the right time on the right platform, you will be satisfied with the result.

Why Do the Best Remarketing Companies Have Data Analytics?

The best remarketing campaigns are based on quality data and analytics.

For example, the best remarketing companies and remarketing agencies use remarketing platforms that allow advertisers to track and optimize based on location, keywords, and performance. This detailed measurement and tracking level is the foundation of every NM DIGITAL TEAM service, including re-targeted ads and paid search ads. If you do not know exactly what you are in today, you will not be able to increase your results.

Before spending a penny on remarketing, you need to place the analytics feathers correctly and collect some initial data. You need to know how the features of your website work as a sales rep. This process can take from a few days to a week or a month. The process is important. If you are serious about the results, do not skip this step!

If you already have an existing pay-per-click account, our team will start with a PPC audit . We will review what you have done in the past and give you recommendations to improve your performance in the future. We manage it all for customers who choose us for re-targeted ads and paid search management – from keyword discovery to bid management; from ad design to split advertising testing; From PPC call tracking to landing page optimization; We handle everything and report the results to you on a monthly basis.

Start your Remarketing Campaigns with the help of the Best Remarketing Agency

If you are ready to grow your business through remarketing and start selling more online, contact us today. Our team is passionate and experienced in helping small businesses develop online assets and marketing strategies. Learn more by calling us today: number.

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