What is A Website and How It Works? Create Your Own Website

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A website is the home of your business on the internet.

This is a place where potential customers can come and learn about your business and what you have to offer them. Suppose you decide to open a candy store in the real world. You have to rent a place to build a house first, don’t you? A website is no different. You simply do not take up space on any street, but instead rent a place on the server. There are many services around that do this automatically. Also, there are things behind the scenes that we will briefly review so that you know about them. What we mean is technical information.

A server is a computer connected to the Internet.

This is a program that allows you to save or host parts of your website (code, images, video clips, and other things that make up your site). That’s why it’s called a server that provides relevant content when required, ie when someone wants to see your website.

What is hosting?

There are many companies and services that will rent space on a server and host your website. As a rental of a space, you continue to pay for the hosting and entrust them with the technical aspects of server management. This is also called hosting.

IP Address and Domain

Every server in the world has its own address. This is called an IP address, ie internet protocol . The only thing you need to know is that an IP address is a long series of numbers that any device connected to the Internet can talk to a server and find. Fortunately, you don’t have to understand what they’re saying to each other; All you have to do is choose a nice name for the IP address of these numbers. This is also called a web address or domain name. Your domain name is how potential customers will find you. It’s like people finding a candy store in our real world by the sign on the door.

A web address is something you type in a browser window to access any website. For example, www.google.com or www.nmdigitalteam.com. Now let’s break it down and explain in detail: everything that comes after www. is actually something known as a domain name. It’s the part that allows people to find your website , so it’s very important. Any device (tablet, smartphone, laptop) that searches for this address communicates with the server. The server then sends all the necessary parts to the device to display the website – pictures and code, so that those on the other end of the device can see your pages.

A simple explanation of the connection between the browser and the server 

This is basically what happens when someone writes your web address in your browser. First, their browser determines which server the content is on and redirects to that server. Then the browser says: “Server, will you give this person all the elements I need to show this web page?” The server responds: “Of course, I’m sending 5 pictures, 2 scripts and a few extra files.” The browser combines all the pieces and the person sees your beautifully shaped website. Thats it. They just talk to each other in mixed bits and bytes, they don’t speak Azerbaijani or English. And it’s not interesting to us because it doesn’t make sense to us.

Summary: Deciding to build a website for your business starts with understanding how it all works together: The server ‘manages’ your site and the domain name helps people find it.

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