What is E-Commerce? What Are The Benefits of E-Commerce? Who Can Do E-Commerce?

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This article will help you understand the world of e-commerce by sharing more information about its advantages and disadvantages . E-Commerce is one of the most powerful online tools that can help your business grow and shine around the world.

There is no doubt about the ability to sell goods and services online, making businesses more vibrant and profitable. It is really important to see the trend of buyers and look at everything before starting an e-commerce store , because this is what makes your business global by making strategic decisions.

 Advantages of E-Commerce

1. Accelerates the procurement process and saves customers time

This literally speeds up the shopping process when someone thinks of buying a certain product from a physical store that is too far away and not easily accessible. But how does e-commerce help a customer get a specific product easily and quickly? For example – Sometimes a customer visits other branches but cannot find a specific product in the store. Here, e-commerce emerges by giving a quick response to an existing student by helping him or her buy a particular product without wasting time.

E-commerce allows you to choose and deliver a wide range of products that are easily available online. It helps you access online global market standards . This kind of shopping process can help reduce travel time and help you choose the product you want from the many options.

2. Customizes the store according to customer expectations

One of the benefits of an online business is that it will enhance your online shopping experience. Every purchase made on the Internet is determined by the location and is recommended based on the advanced searches of customers. Sometimes customers are eligible for additional services based on their previous purchases and loyalty (loyalty). Such a store helps the customer to meet their expectations.

3. Reduces recurring costs when hiring virtual support sources

One of the factors that can benefit in e-commerce is the convenience of hiring employees. So you can choose employees from external sources and work with your virtual assistants in different countries.
At the same time, it will ensure the presence of your company in different places. In this case, you will not need many employees in one e-commerce business compared to retail outlets.

4. Easily re-target your customers

There are many ways to re-target the customer and sell the product well. Here are some methods you can use to re-target customers:

  • Share a coupon when customers leave the payment page.
  • Send even higher-selling and cross-sell e-mails.
  • Use Google’s paid and organic search results.
  • Target them by taking advantage of the fact that a certain customer visits a certain page for a certain period of time.

5. Encourages impulsive buying

Impulsive purchasing is one of the ways in which a customer’s general behavior reflects their views of a particular product. This is related to the management of a person’s psychological behavior , which in some people are personality traits that can be expressed as impulsive buying tendencies. Making a product more attractive with pictures, other color options, and even videos is something that can be used on an e-commerce platform. Thus, the customer feels like he bought the product in the store.

6. Available reviews

The reviews available are very positive recommendations that will add more value to your e-commerce website and help customers build more confidence in a particular product . This helps you be clearer and more visible about your product and at the same time makes it easier for customers to choose a product. Because all feedback is valuable to customers, and it can really help build trust in products and services.

7. Ability to provide detailed information to the client

Every customer is looking for more information about their products, which can help them make a wise decision about their purchase. This is a kind of statement that is really very helpful and describes any product . In short, some kind of information that is openly shared in the product description helps the user to make a final decision on the requirements. The detailed information shared under the product provides the customer with a more detailed understanding and motivates them to make a final purchase by informing them about all the features and functions of the product.

8. The highest quality service with reasonable operating costs

This is one of the advantages that plays a very important role for an e-commerce platform. In most cases, physical retailers have to pay a lot of money to pay rent or to maintain their presence in the market. There are several downsides that affect a physically owned store. An e-commerce store will help you cut more than 60% of the costs incurred in a physical store . When it comes to operating costs, the physical store is still much higher than the online store. Because, staff, space, inventory, store design, etc. It is necessary to cover the costs, which also affects the financial situation.

9. Fast and profitable marketing

You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. There are many ways to bring your e-commerce into this online world through a variety of online marketing methods that are fast and affordable. Here are some unusual ways to help you understand and improve your marketing techniques:

  • Always move with great content. This helps you stand out in the market with creative content marketing.
  • You can even take advantage of a creative marketing video that provides information about products and services.
  • Social networks help you to create your presence everywhere, because now there are almost no people who do not participate in this socialization.
  • Every customer can be reached through the digital market, you just need to pay attention to how to approach them.

10. Provide the customer with convenience 24/7 to buy the product

Services 24 /7  is available, and at any time, anywhere to help to serve you more flexibility With the normal store.
There have been a lot of changes in the online markets lately that can help you find referrals, sales support, crack support, and even help you find similar products. E-commerce is one of the platforms available to consumers 24/7 and globally.

11. Fewer store building costs and faster ROI (Investment Income)

When it comes to e-commerce , less investment is made here than in an offline store. But setting up an offline store requires a huge investment, which negatively affects your business, leaving you with little or no return on investment.

While the investment in an offline store is large, in an online store it is significantly smaller. Even after investing heavily in stocks, labor, repairs, electricity, rent (if any), and so on, they will never help you make a return on your investment. E-commerce stores are affordable and you will find that they do not require a lot of investment and are more profitable than an offline store. 

12. There are no geographical restrictions, enter the world market from the first day

This means that the customer can access the online store from anywhere in the world. This is the service that every customer is looking forward to, because sometimes customers can’t find a particular product because it’s not in stock. But the online store works like magic to provide them with several options. Thus, they can easily use the services.

The e-commerce store ensures that you are visible in the global market and from the first day you are completely accessible to anyone anywhere in the world.

13. Reduces resource recruitment and training costs

In e-commerce , you won’t have to hire more employees than in a store. Because when you open an online store, half of your business ends with approaching customers directly, providing them with detailed information and product images. You don’t have to hire or instruct salespeople to tell you everything about the product. This makes e-commerce more efficient by reducing the cost of hiring and mentoring employees.

14. There are no human mistakes when dealing with customers

In e-commerce, you will never face the problem of human error, because each product is updated in detail on the site, which makes it even easier for customers to see the products. This makes the customer feel more comfortable shopping online than in-store. It is sometimes difficult due to the lack of stores, options, comparisons and explanations . So when you go to the store, you will always see that the seller is trying to express them with things that are not convincing, but you still have to hear them all to the end.

What makes a customer even more embarrassed to buy or not to buy? It’s like being exposed to sales expressions over and over again for a product you don’t look for, don’t want.

15. It is environmentally friendly

Compared to the store, you can say that e-commerce is completely environmentally friendly . When we visit a store during shopping, a document, receipt, coupon, etc. we get. They do a lot of damage to our environment, and that’s why e-commerce buys environmentally friendly and easy-to-maintain services.

16. Compares product and price

In the world of e-commerce , you can easily compare products that share detailed descriptions. The most useful aspect of e-commerce is that you can clearly benefit from and understand the product. But when you visit a store, the opposite is true. You may not be able to find the product in the store and you may not be able to compare it, you may even have to visit many stores to find out the differences. This saves time for customers when we look at the world of e-commerce.

Who Can Do E-Commerce?

E-commerce people need to be diligent, have financial and accounting knowledge, be familiar with product management and inventory concepts, have some internet knowledge and terminology, and be familiar with the channels that will attract customers to the site.


Each e-commerce service allows customers to learn more and spend less time.

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