What is Pinterest? What is Pinterest Used for?

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Pinterest has been around for a while, but not everyone uses it yet. When people say Pinterest, they often think of aesthetic or beautiful images. What is Pinterest? How does Pinterest work? And how do you use Pinterest? This article explains the basics for beginners using Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?


Pinterest is an image pinning site that has been around since 2009. These are image collection opportunities designed to develop and share visual ideas. Andy Meng , a writer for InFront, describes Pinterest in the following terms:

… Social networking pays a lot of attention to the concept of human lifestyle, allows you to share your tastes and interests with others and discover them as like-minded people. The purpose of a social network is to connect everyone in the world through what they are interested in.

You can use Pinterest as a social network , but not everyone does. In fact, it is more common to use it as a source of inspiration to gather ideas about interior design, travel and fashion. In addition, Pinterest help pagesdescribePinterest as a “visual discovery engine.” Again, this is absolutely true.
Pinterest helps you quickly find the visual resources you need, regardless of your project. The reason it remains popular is its ease of use with a user-friendly interface. You can spend hours just sliding.

How does Pinterest work?

Pinterest consists of several different elements.

Your Home Feed

When you first log in as a new or returning user, you will see a wall of endless, scrolling images related to your interests. The never-ending wall of photographs Home Feed (main fid) called Home Feed, watching as other social networking sites where people gathered themes and writings. The big difference here is that they are all visual. No need for words. It should be noted that the topic in the Home Feed will change as the algorithm learns what topic you are interested in .

Suppose you want to make a cake, so you type “chocolate cake” in the search bar to find the pictures. In addition to showing you millions of different images of a chocolate cake, Pinterest’s algorithm decides: “This user (that is, you) loves cake. Maybe he (or you) likes the pie. ”
So the next time you visit Mother Fidi, Pinterest will show you pictures of many cakes and pies as a result. Pinterest is designed to explore you further to discover.

Your search bar


You will see a search bar in the left corner of your screen. By typing a word into this bar, you can search for custom labels or topics that are not visible in your feed. When you write a word, Pinterest will suggest other topics that may be related to it. These topics are shown below as colored “buttons”.

Your pins


The next most important part of Pinterest is to “pin” something, that is, to keep things pinned. Pinning basically means that you keep a collection of pictures together to create some kind of organization. All Home Feed the height of each individual picture, someone else’s “pin” is. This is very easy to do when you see an image open on your home screen or in your search bar and you want to keep it on your board.
To save a pin, click on the image, then click the “Save” button in the upper right corner of the image . And you will be asked to save that picture on one of your boards.



The fourth most important aspect of Pinterest is your boards. Boards are places where you keep your individual pins for personal use or to show to others.
To create a dashboard, click on your username next to “Followed” in the upper right corner of your screen.
When you come to your profile page, click the “+” sign highlighted in red here. Click the “Create a board” button.
You can create a board with a specific theme or purpose, and assign these boards to specific or general.

Your profile


The most important part of Pinterest is your profile. Anyone who clicks on your name here can see your shared boards, avatars and links. They can also see the total number of your followers and the number of people you follow.
It should be noted that the number of people following you can vary drastically from user to user compared to the people you follow, as people use Pinterest for personal gain or for social networking.
For example, my use of Pinterest is incredibly private, because I’m just there for design boards and key ideas.
However, you can find all the companies that create the ecosystem of custom boards on their profile pages. There is also the option of switching to a professional business account that allows you to reach analytics and advertise online.

Be careful when using Images from Pinterest

Pinterest is an incredibly fun, easy and stress-free way to get inspiration on the internet. You can register and get started with a few simple clicks. Now you know what Pinterest is, how Pinterest works, and how to use Pinterest more clearly .

However, it should be noted that Pinterest is not a good way to find stock images for use on your blog or website . Pictures that users pin on Pinterest are sometimes found on Google or another social networking site. The copyrights of many of them have not yet been added. If you save these images to your computer and reload them for your own use without permission, you may run into problems.

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