What is Snapchat? How To Create a Snapchat Account. How To Use Snapchat

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Snapchat is a social media application that allows millennials to send each other selfies that are automatically deleted after a few seconds. This is a common concept among those who have not heard of the application. It’s simple, but given the IPO ( the first public offering) and the legendary $ 3 billion offer from Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg (Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel said no), there’s more to Snapchat than meets the eye. is open.

In this article, we will show you what Snapchat is doing and help you understand the increase in popularity by expanding from the original millennial user base.

How To Use Snapchat

Snapchat is a social network that allows you to send expired photos and text messages to your friends. This is a significant feature since the beginning of the service. The idea is to allow you to be more original and spontaneous without fear that your future employers or relatives might encounter it (a very consistent concern with more well-known and indelible social media profiles such as Facebook and Instagram). There were initial concerns in the media that such baked transit would expose the platform to explicit content. However, research shows that this is not really the main attraction of Snapchat.

Snapchat has since expanded its core functionality to more basic features that allow you to post or watch short videos, such as Snapchat Stories. You need to download Snapchat before you can use it. The application is mobile only and works on iOS and Android. We apologize to Windows Phone users that Evan Spiegel is not a fan of Windows . So don’t think you’ll see this version anytime soon.

Snapchat remains a non-focused application, a mix of different features and functionality: selfies, stories, emoji creation and instant messaging. You need to have friends to send time-out messages, which is a key feature of Snapchat. There are several different ways to add a contact: Using a snapcode similar to the QR Code – simply scan the code using your phone’s camera and the contact is added automatically; to use geolocation; or by importing contacts from Facebook. Users can also share Snapchat names on iOS using the Share feature.

To start using Snapchat, choose whether you want to take a picture of yourself or use the front camera. You can tap the circle below the camera button to access the camera roll and use the existing photo. After taking your photo, you are presented with an editing interface where you can make quick changes.

Set how long your message will last.

Most users set the snap times to end in a few seconds. You can also turn snap into a story. This will allow your friends to see it for 24 hours before it ends . You can also store the snap on the camera roll.

You can also cut out pictures and create stickers from the picture. If you don’t like what you’re cutting, tap the cut-out shape, then drag it to the trash can. You can also choose from a library of available stickers to add to your picture and add a text message or create drafts.

When you are satisfied with the results , click the “Send” button, then select whether you want to send it to your contacts and make it a story.

Another feature that makes Snapchat viral is filters. Filters allow you to add eye-catching effects to your photos. If you stay on social media, you’ll probably see your family and friends wearing flower bandanas with sparkling eyes – yes, that’s a filter. To use filters, tap the camera icon, then tap your face. Snapchat will analyze your image , and then bring up a filter carousel where you can choose from a collection of fun characters that you can put a mask on your face. They are sweet and fun and surprisingly addictive.

The latest feature added to Snapchat is stories with short video clips that you can watch, create or share with your friends. Many popular and news media turn to stories to increase their presence on social media.

The Discovery section of the app allows users to find new content from brands such as Vice, Daily Mail, MTV, Comedy Central and Buzzfeed . Flipboard, a popular electronic periodical, also uses Snapchat to publish articles in short formats. This is strategic, given the short-term attention span of many millennials. Many marketers choose a more traditional approach to content consumption, but if you just want a review, it can be a refreshing way to stay up to date.

Snapchat needs to find new areas to grow, and that probably means feature expansion. The application grows and adds features day and night. The company recently acquired Bitmoji, an emoji maker that allows users to create their own animated avatars. Such features generally appeal to a smaller audience, returning to the core value of the application. These are more advanced than some of the features that older generations were accustomed to on Facebook or Instagram , but you won’t be surprised to see that both eventually add similar features.

Snapchat tries to meet users wherever they are – examples of this are the built-in text messaging feature. Users can chat with contacts, send pictures, videos, stickers and even make phone calls. This probably suggests that Snapchat is aware of Facebook’s threats with its arsenal of social apps.

Perhaps Snapchat’s biggest attraction is its user base – young users feel more at home here than the Facebook used by their parents and teachers. It is strange that demographics can change. Facebook itself has gone through a similar exceptional period that requires a third note in advance. As Facebook struggled to grow a few years after its launch, the company opened up to a wider audience. A similar trend is happening at Snap, Inc.; The company’s recent public offering ( IPO) is a sign of the great work ahead.

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